RS485 Service Kit – Plus

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Complete toolset to analyse and debug RS-485 and RS-422

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RS485 Service Kit case

The perfect tool collection when analyzing RS422/485 field-bus applications.
Simulating telegrams or sending data sequences with the help of the USB to RS422/485 converter cable and the enclosed CleverTerm field-bus terminal program.
Validating the correctness of requests or responses with the MSB-RS485-PLUS analyzer and detecting possible sources of errors.

  • 1 x Practical storage case
  • 1 x MSB-RS485-PLUS analyzer
  • 1 x Standard USB cable to connect analyzer with PC
  • 1 x USB to RS422/485 converter ISO485-Box
  • 1 x Standard USB cable to connect ISO485-Box with PC
  • 4 x 6-pin Phoenix screw connectors
  • 1 x Suitable screw driver
  • 1 x CDROM with Software (Windows + Linux), 300-page manual (PDF), drivers and additional tools
  • 1 x Laminated Quickstart guide
3-Year Warranty
Typical analyzer software screen
Typical software screen shot
interface RS422 RS485 isolée
RS485 isolated interface for PC

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  MSB-RS485-PLUS Analyzer specifications

Baud RatesAny baud rate between 1Baud…20 MBaud
Data Format5…9 Data bits, none, even, odd, mark, space parity, any stop bits
Logical LinestatesDetection and display of logical linestates:
1 (V+), 0 (V-), invalid (-1.3V < IN < +1.3V
Time resolution10ns for all line change events (hardware based, OS independent)
Signal inputRS485 standard level, ±7V to ±12V, ESD protected inputs 12kΩ
Bus connectors2 Phoenix MC 1.5/6ST-3.81 with 2mm screw terminals, 6 pins each, type Phoenix MC156ST381. All connectors are linked through high speed and via software switchable RS485 buffers
Auxiliary IOsTwo additional terminals individual switchable as input (0-5V, trigger level 1.65V, 10kΩ pull up or down) or output (0/5V, ca. 50mA)
OperationThe analyzer marks every event (data byte, signal alternation) with a time stamp in 1µs resolution (independent of the PC) and send the information via USB to the connected PC
FeaturingReal time analysing and simultaneous access/display of different record parts even during an active recording
Capacity4GByte max. record file size on PC for real time analysing. Unlimited (or free hard disk space) records when using the special command line API for long time recordings
Record timeThe record time depends on the selected kind of events and data rate of the connection
Supported Protocols3964(R), BACNet, DF1, DNP3, IEC60870, MDB, Modbus (ASCII + RTU), P-NET, Profibus, SAE-J1587, SAE-J1922, SRecord, USS, 9-Bit.
Individual protocolsAdaption of any protocol and telegram display with own protocol templates written in Lua

  ISO485-Box specifications

IsolationHigh isolating strength 2000Vdc 1sec, 250Vpk working Voltage
Data rates300…3000000 Baud, also non-standard rates
HandshakeFeed back of the signals RTS/CTS and DTR/DSR in input and output for protocol simulation
Protocols7 or 8 Data bits, 1 or 2 stop bits and None, Odd, Even, Mark, Space Parity
RS422/485 SignalsTxD, RxD according to the RS485 Standard, ±15kV ESD
ChipsetFTDI FT232RL: Additional functions for high transmission safety, internal data buffer 384 bytes in both directions, unique USB serial number

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