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ULINK2 Debug Adapter

Broad Device Support

ULINK2 connects to a wide variety of processor targets, including ARM7, ARM9, all Cortex-M, 8051, and C166 devices.

Run/Stop Debugging

Using ULINK2, you can

  • download programs to your target hardware
  • examine memory and registers
  • single-step through programs and insert multiple breakpoints
  • run programs in real-time
  • program Flash memory

Fast Connections

ULINK2 offers fast and reliable target connections:

  • Data trace for Cortex-M up to 1 Mbit/s (UART mode)
  • JTAG clock speed up to 10 MHz
  • Supports Cortex-M devices running at up to 200 MHz
  • Memory read/write up to 28 kBytes/s


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