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USB Isolator Cable Plug A/Plug Mini-B

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USB Isolator Cable Plug A/Plug Mini-B

ISOUSB-CABLE-M is an USB isolator cable with USB Mini-B connector, certified to EN60601-1 for sensitive industrial and medical applications. Direct connection from PC to device.

Isolating cable for direct replacement of non-isolating USB cables, complete isolation of all lines including ground.

Total length: 3m.

Contents of ISOUSB-CABLE-M

  • USB Isolator cable 3m with plug type A and plug type Mini-B

  • 20pages Manual DE/EN

ISOUSB-CABLE-M Technical Details

ISOUSB-Cable Typ M
ConnectorsCable with plugs type A and Mini-B
Isolation5000 Vdc 1 second, 4000 Vrms 1 minute, permanent working range 250 Vrms
Transient protectionIntegrated protection diodes with approval ±12 kV acc. to IEC 61000-4-2
CertificationEN60601-1:2007, 3rd Edition, CE, FCC
Energy transferPrimary to secondary max. 2.5W, 500mA, about 75% efficiency, short circuit proof
Coupling capacityAbout 1.5nF
Data transmissionUSB 1.1/2.0 compatible, full speed (12Mbit/s)
Working environment0-40°C (32-100°F), 20-90% humidity, non-condensing
Storage environment-40 to +70°C, 10-100% humidity
DimensionCable 3m with centered encapsulated housing 78mm x 37mm x 20mm

More information

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