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RS232 Protocol Analyzer for PC – discontinued

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Dive into RS-232 Protocol

Product discontinued - replaced with MSB-RS232-PLUS

The MSB-RS232 Analyzer from IFtools is an essential tool for analysis and optimizing of RS232 connections. As an autonomous device it gathers exact information about every line change with micro second precision, independent from the PC and its operating system.

 Equipped with a multitude of visualization tools it allows a detailed view into every RS232 communication and detects conditions which can be recorded by a true ‘hardware solution’ only.

Technical Data
MSB-RS232 Measurement
Baud RatesAny baud rate between 1Baud…1MBaud
Data Format5…9 Data bits, none, even, odd, mark, space parity, any stop bits
Logical LinestatesDetection and display of logical linestates:
1 (V+), 0 (V-), invalid (-1.3V < IN < +1.3V
Time resolution1µsec for all line change events (hardware based, OS independent)
MSB-RS232 Connectivity
Signal inputRS232 standard level, ±7V to ±12V, ESD protected inputs 5kΩ
Bus connectorsStandard D-Sub 9pin connectors, male and female, linked through high speed and via software switchable RS232 buffers
Logic ModeAll RS232 inputs are adjustable as logic inputs with trigger level 1.3V, 5kΩ
Device-PCStandard USB cable included
PrincipleThe analyzer marks every event (data byte, signal alternation) with a time stamp in 1µs resolution (independent of the PC) and send the information via USB to the connected PC
FeaturingReal time analysing and simultaneous access/display of different record parts even during an active recording
Capacity4GByte max. record file size on PC for real time analysing. Unlimited (or free hard disk space) records when using the special command line API for long time recordings
Record timeThe record time depends on the selected kind of events and data rate of the connection
Ready-to-use3964(R), BACNet, DF1, DNP3, IEC60870, MDB, Modbus (ASCII + RTU), Profibus, SAE-J1587, SAE-J1922, SRecord, USS, 9-Bit.
Individual protocolsAdaption of any protocol and telegram display with own protocol templates written in Lua
Size:10 x 5 x 2.5cm


Product code: 10002

Package Contents
  • 1 x Analyzer
  • 1 x USB cable for connection with PC
  • 1 x Standard RS232 Cable 2m
  • 1 x CDROM with Software (Windows + Linux), 300-page manual (PDF), drivers and additional tools
3-Year Warranty
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